The Community Spirit Vodka Donates $27,500 to the Arbor Day Foundation

For B Corp Month & Earth Month, we partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to donate a portion of our revenues and hold a community restoration event in Central Park
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We are excited to share an update around our partnership with Arbor Day Foundation – the world’s largest member nonprofit dedicated to planting trees.

Timed to B Corp Month & Earth Month, we planted a tree for every bottle and cocktail of The Community Spirit Vodka sold in March and April. In total, we donated $27,500 to the Arbor Day Foundation. We are proud to support our partners at the Arbor Day Foundation and further our joint commitment to the communities and environments we share. We extend a special thank you to our fellow community members who purchased a bottle and/or cocktail of The Community Spirit Vodka to support this partnership. Your generosity made a direct impact on the communities we all share.


We rely on the finest natural French ingredients — and there’s only two of them: Picardie soft winter wheat and natural spring water from our own well in Gensac-la-Pallue, France. That’s why we care so much about how they are sourced, cultivated and cared for.

First of all, every grain of our wheat is 100% free of GMOs. In fact, France takes sustainability (and their bread) so seriously that it’s illegal to use GMO-grown wheat. Our wheat is also SAI certified, which means a set of sustainable agricultural practices were used in its production. These practices include no irrigation and culture rotation to ensure soil regeneration.

We also use wonderfully pure spring water drawn from our own well located 150m above a natural, underground aquifer. The water source is protected by an EU Conservation Order safeguarding the environment in which the water is farmed. It’s also naturally filtered by limestone that removes any pollutants.

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As the culmination of the partnership, we hosted a Central Park restoration event in NYC on April 18 to further support keeping our shared spaces beautiful. Volunteers worked with the Central Park Conservancy to maintain the landscaping surrounding an iconic NYC landmark, The Met. Volunteers eagerly participated in the day of giveback, all while learning about The Community Spirit Vodka’s commitment to the community. As a thank you to our volunteers, we curated a gift bag and worked with fellow B Corporation partners – Amika, Just Salad, Known Supply, and Peace Coffee – to include products.

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