A Momentous Achievement Calls for a Momentous Feature on Chilled Magazine

The highly accredited spirits publication details The Community Spirit Vodka’s Achievement of B Corp Status
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See what Chilled had to say about the brand below:

Sustainable spirits aren’t just about the sourcing of ingredients. It’s about the community that supports them. The Community Spirit Vodka is an exceptional example of that, so much so that it recently achieved its B Corp certification from B Lab, an established nonprofit network.

‘People Over Everything’ is the mindset behind this incredible new-age vodka’s success. For The Community Spirit Vodka, each bottle is an opportunity to empower the voices of those they work with, and beyond. “Through our brand, we are seeking to challenge the status quo by using our time, tools, and talent to elevate and amplify marginalized voices and communities,” says Camille Austin, Senior Director of Advocacy for Casa Lumbre Spirits. “Every case, bottle, and cocktail sold supports the efforts of unsung individuals and organizations giving back to their local communities.”

The Community Spirit Vodka’s approach was a natural fit for B Corp Status, so much so it surpassed B Lab’s “Designed to Give” requirements—one of B Corp’s Impact Business Models that highlights companies dedicated to making significant charitable contributions. In 2022, Community Spirit Vodka donated 24% of its revenue to its partners. The brand was founded just a year before (in 2021.) Now, that’s dedication.

It’s clear that The Community Vodka was born future-forward. The company and its B Corp status achievement are reminders of the positive and powerful direction our beloved spirit industry can go. As Austin says, “Companies should prioritize people over everything in their business model, and as time goes on, we hope that more and more companies will use this same business model to succeed and thrive.”


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