The Community Spirit Vodka is Devoted to Quality – Both in its Vodka and Community Connections

Notable publications such as Bar and Restaurant, Essence, and Parade add commentary from Ambassador of The Community Spirit Vodka, Ashley Eldefri

Check out Bar and Restaurant’s Q&A with Ashley for its Women in Hospitality story:

The Community Spirit Vodka is all about giving back to the community and having the community take ownership of the spirit. What are some ways in which it has given back?

Our goal is to be an additional support and platform for the amazing change-makers doing all the work. Every aspect of our brand puts people at the forefront, including how our support manifests. It’s important to meet people where they want to be met. We partner with organizations and collectives, largely nonprofits, to donate our product and provide bartenders and cocktails for fundraisers. We partner with local bars and restaurants to host happy hours, events, and community gatherings that drive awareness to whatever they are championing for. By following this model, The Community Spirit was able to donate 24% of its revenue in 2022 to those who need it.

Community Vodka was recently named a Certified B Corp Brand.  What does this mean to the brand?

Being recognized by B Lab as a company “designed to give” is a huge honor for us. Our entire purpose is to ensure that underrepresented members of our industry continue to have the resources they need and access to the same opportunities as everyone else. Now we get to be a part of an incredible network of other like-minded companies to continue doing what we do but on a much larger and more visible scale!”

Any advice for other women in the industry?

We are the past, present, and future: Learn from the ones before us, support the ones around you now, and work towards an equitable future for the ones that come after us. If we stick together, nothing can bring us down.

Essence also highlights our community driven mission in its article detailing the Tales of the Cocktail festival:

“What happens when a vivacious bevy of spirit professionals and imbibers descend upon the “Big Easy?” You get the world’s premier cocktail festival, Tales of the Cocktail. Founded in 2002, TOTC has blossomed from being an annual walking tour of iconic New Orleans bars to becoming the ultimate glow-up it is today: a week-long celebration of everything the spirit industry embraces.”

“I had the privilege of not only experiencing an exceptional martini crafted with Community Spirit Vodka, but I even had the chance to meet the company’s ambassador, Ashley Eldefri (pictured below). She says, “The Community Spirit Vodka elevates the voices of community changemakers. We like to call it ‘community capitalism,’ harnessing every facet of our business for the benefit of the people.”

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Read more about our vodka’s quality in Parade’s, “That’s the Spirit: 9 Types of Vodka Explained by Bartenders and Other Drink Experts”:

“It’s all about creating a match made in *your* cocktail heaven,” says Ashley Eldefri, brand ambassador for The Community Spirit Vodka. “Price is only sometimes an indicator of quality: Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better regarding vodka. It’s always worth trying different brands and price ranges to find one you enjoy.”

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